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Our mission is to engage in education, increase public awareness, promote innovative research, and spur the development and implementation of evidence-based models that address social isolation, loneliness, and social connection.

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Featured Innovation Partners

Designing actionable solutions for local leaders Action Guides

A multi-year initiative in partnership with the Einhorn Collaborative, Harvard Human Flourishing Program and Healthy Places by Design to equip local leaders with evidence-informed toolkits with practical approaches to build more socially connected communities.

Providing Technical Assistance to state public health departments Public Health Community Approaches

A grant initiative for 20 states to promote healthy living and reduce social isolation during the COVID pandemic. The Foundation for Social Connection is part of a team of national experts, supporting state health departments and other organizations as they work with local communities on improving safe access to physical activity, promoting healthy eating through improved food and nutrition security, and reducing isolation and loneliness.

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Developing a social connectedness blueprint for state Medicaid plans State Medicaid Strategies

Innovative leaders such as United Healthcare are key in working to develop and operate under new innovative programs, delivery, and financing models that comprehensively address members’ physical, behavioral, and social needs as they relate to social isolation, loneliness, and social connection. We have partnered to build and deploy a strategic playbook on social connectedness with plan leaders across the enterprise.

Strengthening Interpersonal Relationships Friendship Building Online

From the initial idea phase, we worked with the team at Hey You to ideate, research, and provide scientific insights on relationship skills building. Once the solution was built, we tested with our network and provided key feedback to the development team. Hey You is a different type of social network — one solely about spending more time talking with someone important in your life. A bit further in the development phase, we supported the Kinnd team in identifying appropriate measurement tools and data collection protocols for their application. On the Kinnd app, the “currency of connection” is vulnerability, generosity and reciprocity. The solution seeks to reduce loneliness and increase feelings of belonging.

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Advising Federal Programs to Build a Nationwide Network of Champions Network of Champions

Through development of a Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) and the Nationwide Network of Champions (NOC), we serve as operational support and advisors to Commit to Connect, a cross-sector initiative, sponsored by the Administration for Community Living (ACL). The aim of the collaboration is to connect people living with isolation with programs and resources to build the social connections they need to thrive. The SAG provides a rigorous vetting process for programs and technological solutions. The NOC serves as local awareness, action, and advocacy champions across the nation.

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