Friendship Building Online

From the initial idea phase, we worked with the team at Hey You to ideate, research, and provide scientific insights on relationship skills building. Once the solution was built we tested with our network and provided key feedback to the development team. Hey You is a different type of social network — one solely about spending more time talking with someone important in your life. A bit further in the development phase, we supported the Kinnd team in identifying appropriate measurement tools and data collection protocol for their application. On Kinnd, the “currency of connection” is vulnerability, generosity and reciprocity. The solution seeks to reduce loneliness and increase feelings of belonging.

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In the first of our two innovations-focused sessions at our 2022 Action Forum, we hear from creators at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations and will dive into several of the new and exciting solutions designed to directly address social isolation, loneliness, and/or social connection. These entrepreneurs are part of our Evidence + Innovation Hub.

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