Bridgid Coulter


Blackbird Collective

Bridgid Coulter Cheadle is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist with a decades long history of advocating for access to education and protection of the environment. Bridgid is proud to grow her family’s philanthropic work on causes related to climate change, racial justice, political decency, women’s equity and education for the marginalized.

Principal of her eponymous design studio, a boutique interior and design-build firm with offices in Santa Monica and Hawaii, with a focus on residential, hospitality and creative office space. Established over fifteen years ago, she approaches each client or design-build development as an artistic venture whilst providing exceptional management. Her recognized signature textile collections incorporate her own personal painting and design work that have been inspired by her avid travel and perception of nature.

In 2018, Bridgid founded Blackbird Collective, a private global collective for women of color and her allies. Blackbird’s pilot house launched in 2019 in Culver City to foster a balance between productivity, wellbeing, creativity & advocacy rooted in community, with values that include authenticity, positivity, access and inclusion. Blackbird believes in empowering women of color and allies to create positive change for each other and the world.

Born and raised in Berkeley, California to young parents, Bridgid was raised around her grandparents, aunties and uncles who made a huge impact on her life and values. Her grandparents’ home centered the family and was a gathering spot always filled with live music, home cooking, loud talking and laughter. After high school, she moved to Southern California and became a double graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles where she completed her undergraduate studies in Theatre and her postgraduate studies at the Arch_ID Interior Design Masters-Level Program. She is also honored to serve on several company boards, both Executive and Advisory, to share a varied perspective that will impact and pave a path for the next generation of WOC + BIPOC leaders.

When not completely engrossed with philanthropy, activism and running her two companies, Bridgid can often be found on stage or on screen. She is the proud empty-nester mother of two children with a most supportive hubby. She enjoys fine art, the occasional round at the home poker table, playing board games – and solving the ongoing puzzle of juggling family life with her acting, entrepreneurial and interior design careers.

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