John Curtis

Congressman John Curtis


Utah's 3rd Congressional District

John R. Curtis proudly represents Utah’s 3rd Congressional District where he is known for his reputation as someone who gets things done. Since being elected to Congress on November 13, 2017, John has worked on 15 pieces of legislation that were signed into law, ranging in diverse topics such as better managing public lands, combatting human trafficking, reducing burdensome regulations on small businesses, and more.

John currently serves on the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee including serving on the Big Tech Subcommittee where John is working to end outdated laws that protect big tech from the legal consequences of their actions.

John has established an international reputation for his work on American energy solutions that unleash US clean fuels, put the US economy on steroids, strengthen our national security, make America energy independent, and reduce global pollution at the same time. John believes America should not just be energy independent. We should be energy dominant.

Before coming to Congress John was a small business owner. Where he was known as a real-world problem-solver. John served as the Mayor of Provo City for 8 years where he enjoyed a 94% approval rating and was named the “Top Elected Official on Social Media” in 2015. During his time as mayor John was recognized as Silicon Slopes Community Hero, UVU’s Civic Innovator Award and Person of the Year by Utah Valley Magazine.

John has been married to his wife Sue for 40 years and together they have 6 children and 14 grandchildren.

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