Hannah Berkel

Communications and Public Affairs Intern

Hannah is a new Communications and Public Affairs Intern for the Foundation for Social Connection and the Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness. Originally from Massachusetts, Hannah is a recent graduate of Quinnipiac University where she earned her Master’s Degree in Public Relations, along with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Communications and Psychology. 

As a student, she learned about the severe effects of loneliness and the importance of social connection. Hannah is passionate about mental health and advocacy that betters both people’s mental and physical well-being. 

What drives you to work on addressing social isolation & loneliness / fostering social connection ?

Working towards a goal of reducing loneliness and isolation and introducing ways for people to connect drives me. I want to help move people in the right direction by sharing the knowledge surrounding the extreme effects that come from loneliness and social isolation, along with sharing how even small interventions foster social connection and make an impact on someone who might be experiencing loneliness.

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