Linsey Morrison

F4SC Board Member

Linsey Morrison is the founder and managing director of Sunny Springs Advisory Group, offers clients years of executive leadership, strategic planning, and creative program development experience. With expertise in technology, policy, social connection and youth mental health, she guides partners from idea generation through to strategy and implementation.

Sunny Springs is built on the premise that creating societal impact is more successful in cross-channel collaboration and partnership. With the perspective of philanthropic, government, and corporate stakeholders, Sunny Springs recognizes common threads, enhancing the goals of its clients. Sunny Springs serves nonprofits, foundations and corporations with a keen business acumen and understanding of
program efficiency and scalability. Projects may include: awareness campaigns, research development, grantmaking and grant utilization, multi-year strategic planning, and public policy direction.

Prior to launching Sunny Springs, Linsey served as VP of Impact at Eventbrite, leading the Public Policy, Government Affairs and Social Impact teams. In late 2020, the Impact team initiated the design of the program features and investment narrative for Eventbrite’s signature social impact program, ultimately unveiled in June 2022. The Social Connection Project addressed social isolation and loneliness in young people through awareness, research, and advocacy.

Hired by Eventbrite in 2016 as its third attorney, with sole responsibility for privacy and regulatory compliance, Linsey built and launched the company’s first privacy program ahead of GDPR, the EU’s seminal data privacy regulation. In the midst of rapid business growth, and increased societal polarization, Linsey addressed platform complexity by creating the company’s first content policy, platform policy & public policy teams, and led complimentary operations teams to consistently enforce those policies. Motivated by the impact opportunity resulting from corporate social responsibility, Linsey created Eventbrite’s social impact agenda as well as its unique ‘purpose-driven policy’ function.

Before Eventbrite, Linsey spent a combined twelve years with both Wal-Mart and Facebook legal teams specializing in strategic partnerships, emerging technology, mobile application distribution, and digital media.

Linsey lives in Oakland, CA with her husband, boy/girl twin teenagers, tween daughter, and Luna, the adorable pup.

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