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Interactive Series Leads to Cross-Sector Recommendations for Individuals, Professionals, and Communities to Strengthen Connection


March 24, 2022

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March 24, 2022

Today, the Foundation for Social Connection (F4SC) and Social Health Labs published recommendations for cross-sector stakeholders to address the widespread, urgent public health issue of social isolation and loneliness in a report entitled, Creating the Conditions for Social Well-Being. The report summarizes key takeaways, shares resources, and spotlights innovations from the eight-part Connect+Conversations series, which in total convened 26 speakers and over 2,500 community members from 55 countries. Notably, the series highlighted the importance of collaboration and dialogue to improve social well-being through the lens of various sectors including healthcare, education, and government. 

“The Connect+Conversations series gave voice to leading experts to share their knowledge of how connection manifests in different systems, organizations, and populations,” said Edward Garcia, MHS, Executive Director, Foundation for Social Connection. “Importantly, it also generated a space for individuals to share their own experiences and stories—and truly urged everyone to be involved in creating a more connected society.” 

The socio-ecological model, which systematically identifies opportunities to take action and improve social well-being from the individual level to the societal level, framed the Connect+Conversations series. 

“My favorite part was just remembering that we are all in this together,” one participant shared. 

Each conversation included an expert panel discussion—featuring leading voices from organizations including Harvard University, the World Health Organization, and Microsoft—interactive Q&A, and breakout rooms to foster small group connection. The series was produced in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Community Living, the AARP Foundation, and Commit to Connect with the objectives of accelerating momentum, building community, and sharing learnings.

“The report includes recommendations for leaders and innovators across sectors. Whether you are a doctor, teacher, architect, or inspired community member, we hope you will put these insights to use. I invite you to ask yourself: how might you strengthen connections in your own neighborhood, school, or workplace?” posed Kasley Killam, MPH, Executive Director, Social Health Labs. “We are confident that the conversations will not stop here.” 

To access the report, please click here

The Foundation for Social Connection‘s (F4SC) vision is for all Americans to have the opportunities and evidence-based support necessary to be socially engaged in society. F4SC engages in education, increases public awareness, promotes innovative research, and spurs the development and implementation of evidence-based models that address social isolation and loneliness and promote social connection.

Social Health Labs envisions a society where loneliness is the exception and social health is the norm. By collaborating with cross-sector partners on local, state, and national initiatives, Social Health Labs aims to improve well-being through connection and community.

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