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Social Media Post #1 [Airtable & Inventory]

As leaders in the social connectedness sphere, we wanted to understand the current state of affairs in measuring social connectedness. Working with @sconnectedness, and Social Connectedness Fellow @Prachir Pasricha, we’re excited to present an inventory of social connectedness measurement tools. 

 Access the database here: Social Connection Measurement Tools Inventory, and view the user guide here.

#SCSCFellowship #Research #SocialConnectedness #Loneliness #Isolation #Belonging #Measurement&Management

Social Media Post #2 [Report]

How do we measure the quality of our connections? This summer we worked with @sconnectednessFellow @Prachir Pasricha to understand the current landscape of social connectedness measurement. Learn more about best practices and the path forward here: Measuring Social Connection: The State of Affairs and the Path Forward

#SCSCFellowship #Research #SocialConnectedness #Loneliness #Isolation #Belonging #Measurement&Management

Social Media Post #3 [Report] [General]

We’re thrilled to have partnered with @sconnectedness this past summer through the Social Connectedness Fellowship program to produce groundbreaking research on belonging and social connectedness. Read our Fellow report here:Measuring Social Connection: The State of Affairs and the Path Forward

#SCSCFellowship #Research #SocialConnectedness #Belonging

Link to Prachir’s Video:


Link to Report – if needed:

Report: https://www.socialconnectedness.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Prachir-Pasricha_Final-Report.pdf

User Guide: https://www.socialconnectedness.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/PRACHIR-inventory-User-Guide-Content_Prachir-Pasricha-1.pdf

Airtable: https://airtable.com/appBNY71ypoM7KLm7/shrDdyi0olr8P89ex/tblPKx2X0cKIbJbbf/viwjIpp1b8lvX3Kpi?blocks=hide

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