Carrie Patterson

Carrie Patterson

Managing Director

MindUP | The Goldie Hawn Foundation

In 2020, Carrie Patterson stepped into the role of Managing Director at MindUP™ | The Goldie Hawn Foundation.

MindUP™ | The Goldie Hawn Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded to help children develop the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, regulate emotions and face the challenges of the 21st century with optimism, resilience and compassion. Carrie has a long and extensive career specializing in non-profit and youth development organizations and brought to the role proven leadership, a strong track-record of advocacy for children and youth around the world and a strong business sense.

Carrie brought with her a wealth of knowledge to MindUP from her previous role as Chief Operations Director of the global organization, WE Charity. At WE Charity Carrie played an integral role as the leader of WE Schools, an innovative experiential service-learning program that engages educators around the world to empower youth with the skills, knowledge and motivation to bring positive change in themselves and the world. Carrie was instrumental in new program development and the implementation of a number of programs including: WE Well-being, a program focused on social and emotional learning and the promotion of positive well-being in young people, WE Teachers, a program focused on creating trauma-informed classrooms and building teacher capacity, AP with WE Service, a program combining the academic challenge and rigor of Advanced Placement® with WE’s service-learning model in partnership with the College Board.

As the Managing Director, Carrie is responsible for supporting the CEO in the areas of strategic planning, the digital transformation of the MindUP program, online training, fundraising, partnerships, and the overall operations of the organization.

Carries holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfred Laurier University and is beginning a Global MBA with Ducerres University this fall.

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