Our research Approach


Evidence translation is at the heart of what we do.

Based on the socioecological model, our research focus extends across industries, levels of influence, and the lifespan. The Foundation draws upon the current evidence base and existing promising strategies to not only help people understand the research but also identify potential areas for further exploration. We aim to help leaders, change-makers, and researchers in their efforts to create systemic change and a more socially connected future.

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The SOCIAL Framework

Developed in partnership with our Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) of interdisciplinary experts, the Systems Approach of Cross-sector Integration and Action across the Lifespan (SOCIAL) Framework facilitates and accelerates progress toward a society that values social connectedness across the lifespan and in all societal domains. Research indicates the severity of social disconnection, but we lack a roadmap to help individuals, communities, and society at large become more connected and less socially isolated and lonely.

Tools & Resources

We know that finding measurement tools and effective solutions can be a challenge. The Foundation has created these tools to serve as a starting point for change-makers and leaders looking for guidance. Diverse thoughts and perspectives are important to us, so each resource offers opportunities to provide your feedback. Together, we can continue to expand our collective knowledge and improve these tools!

Action Guide for Building Socially Connected Communities

Designed for local leaders and changemakers, this guide features a six-step process to engage partners and community members in implementing strategies to foster social connection. We invite you to use this interactive website to bring together local leaders and members within your community to co-create effective, sustainable social connection action plans. Join us as we work to build connected communities across the nation.

Social Connection Measurement Tools Inventory

Are you interested in measuring social connection, social isolation, or loneliness in your work? Whether it is to evaluate the impact of your interventions or screen patients, there are a wide range of tools available to measure these concepts. Check out our Social Connection Measurement Tools Inventory below for information on 55+ measures, including target demographics, methods of measurement, research on psychometric properties, and more!

Weekly Research Reports

Started in partnership with our statistician friends at the CDC, our weekly report provides our international audience with the latest research, resources, and events related to social isolation, loneliness, and connection. Sign up today to receive this in your inbox every Friday morning and stay up to date on ground-breaking research in the field. 

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