2022 Action Forum

 Day 3: October 13, 2022 – Place

Opening & Marcia Slater Johnston Award

This year’s Outstanding Leadership in Community-Based Efforts Award goes to Marie Jobling, Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Community Living Campaign (CLC). Along with Co-Director Kate Kuckro, she leads a team of hardworking, diverse, and committed staff who have developed community-based programs, including neighborhood connector networks, employment opportunities, computer training, grocery delivery, and much more. Also included is a robust program of diverse online offerings, brought to life during the pandemic to reduce isolation. Each CLC program seeks to bring greater joy, health, and connectedness to seniors and people with disabilities through community-building, empowerment, and advocacy. Her experience at CLC and beyond has confirmed that regardless of the issue, relationships are part of the solution.

Philanthropy in Action: Local to Global

This session explores the landscape of philanthropic efforts to reduce social isolation and loneliness and strengthen connection, from a local level all the way up to a global stage. Philanthropy plays an important role in the world of social health and activism, and we hear directly from some of the impassioned advocates who are leading the charge to a more socially connected future.

Spotlight on Community Action

This session spotlights several efforts being made at the local level to promote a strong sense of belonging and connection within a community. Local coalitions, community-based organizations, and neighborhood-centric programs share their perspectives on what it takes to foster a healthy and connected community.

Workplace Loneliness & Connection

This session hones in on a place where feelings of loneliness and isolation can be extreme: the workplace. We hear from change-makers dedicated to addressing loneliness in this setting and get their assessments of what can be done as both employer and employee.

Enhancing Your Social Connection Programs

In this session, we hear learnings from a study conducted by Brown University and Meals on Wheels America to compare the effectiveness of six Meals on Wheels social connection programs. Additionally, we learn insights into drivers of successful programming, barriers, and perceptions of the older adults receiving these services. This session discusses best practices from senior nutrition programs’ adaptations and approaches to providing friendly visiting, telephone reassurance, and activity/engagement programs.

UnLonely Films: A Powerful Way to Connect

Films as creative expression have a unique ability to engage, inspire, empower and connect. See how “UnLonely” films are being used to create authentic connection through their powerful story-telling ability. On campuses, in the workplace, and with older adults, this surprisingly simple, popular and inexpensive approach is combating loneliness and disconnection nationwide.

Fireside Chat with Dr. Vivek Murthy

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Closing Remarks & Our Commitments to Action

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