2022 Action Forum

 Day 2: October 12, 2022 – Practice

Welcome & Opening Keynote

We were thrilled to have Julia Hartz, Co-Founder and CEO of Eventbrite, kick off Day 2 of the 2022 End Social Isolation & Loneliness Action Forum with keynote remarks. Eventbrite, a vital part of the Coalition to End Social Isolation & Loneliness Steering Committee, empowers creators, founders, and trendsetters to build thriving communities through live experiences. Listen in to learn how we can best put the policy and evidence into practice!

A SOCIAL Framework: Research & Evidence in Action

This session focuses on the efforts of the Foundation for Social Connection’s Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) and their mission to translate scientific evidence into real-world solutions for social isolation and loneliness. Some of the world’s foremost minds in researching social isolation and loneliness explore and discuss the Systems Of Cross-sector Integration and Action across the Lifespan (SOCIAL) Framework and the sector chapters that have been released thus far.

Spotlight on Older Adults

This session explores connection, loneliness, resiliency, and the social determinants of health relating to the older adult population.

Loneliness & Isolation: The Lived Experience

This session explores the critically important perspective of the lonely individual through reflections on living a lonely or disconnected life. This session will highlight what loneliness and/or isolation look and feel like in a real-world setting.

Exploring New Solutions

In the first of our two innovations-focused sessions, we hear from creators at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations and will dive into several of the new and exciting solutions designed to directly address social isolation, loneliness, and/or social connection. These entrepreneurs are part of our Evidence + Innovation Hub.

Innovations in the Private Sector

In the second of our two innovations-focused sessions, we are joined by leaders in innovation in the private sector: thought leaders who are building a more socially connected world through their exciting programs and platforms.

Finding Help to Feel Far From Alone

This session discusses the importance of social connection as a health-related social need, and explores how Humana’s ‘Far From Alone’ campaign leverages Findhelp to personalize resources for those experiencing loneliness and other social health issues.

Spotlight on Social Connection in Youth and Young Adults

This session highlights the impact social isolation and loneliness has on younger generations through a thoughtful conversation between youth and young adult advocates, key leaders from organizations dedicated to youth connection, and representatives from programs designed to address loneliness among younger populations.

Closing Remarks & Our Commitments to Action

In this video, hear how the Coalition and Foundation for Social Connection are committing to action over the next year. First, we commit to completing the remaining SOCIAL Framework sector reports – Labor, Housing, Transportation, Nutrition, and Leisure. We will continue to produce these reports, make them available for public comment, and disseminate them broadly. We also commit to continuing to help local leaders and officials such as mayors, community members, local businesses, and more with toolkits and resources to help them deploy policy, systems, and environmental strategies to foster social connectedness. Finally, and with much excitement, we are thrilled to commit to hosting an in-person 2023 Action Forum!

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